Are you looking for a loan without prepayment? Preventive or have you had bad experiences?

Use our information and don’t be fooled. Prepayment in the credit agency is illegal. Learn how to expose fraudsters, what other risks are lurking and who can provide serious credit.

Credit without prepayment – of course

Credit without prepayment - of course

When asked whether credit is offered in Germany without prepayment, everyone can answer casually with “of course”. Loan brokerage is strictly regulated in Germany. Section 655 of the Civil Code sets out the conditions under which intermediaries can expect a fee. Cashing in advance, often based on the flimsy argument of costs, is even explicitly prohibited.

Still, fraudsters don’t care what the law allows, of course. Payments made are usually lost. Even if they were sued, it would take years, the money was long gone. Unfortunately, there is little point in explicitly posting warnings about certain agents online. Change web pages and names. Today’s current warning may be yesterday’s snow tomorrow.

It can only be recommended to everyone to insist on credit without prepayment and not to be dissuaded from it. There is no loan waiting in the cash on delivery at the post office, but at the most a loan application or other worthless letter. Giving in pressure does not result in a possible credit opportunity, but only prolongs the suffering phase. Providing credit is not the business goal of prepaid fraudsters.

Credit Advertising – Recognizing Blank Promises

Credit Advertising - Recognizing Blank Promises

Loan requests with a negative private credit checker or even more difficult with over-indebtedness can often not be fulfilled. A commercial lender may only grant credit; this applies across Europe if the credit is considered secure. People whose payment obligations are so high today that they have trouble paying their debts on time do not get a loan.

Serious credit without prepayment can only be approved if the lender is certain that the repayment will be made in accordance with the contract. In the event of over-indebtedness, seizure of income and lack of income subject to social security contributions, it is not possible to guarantee serious contractual compliance. Only in advertising do some loan promises sound completely different. We promise easy, straightforward credit, even in the most difficult cases.

It is not uncommon for advertising for credit with a negative private credit checker or bad credit rating not in the real sense of credit brokerage. In addition to clear fraud, such as demanding payment in advance, there are numerous legal, albeit morally reprehensible business opportunities. In summary, these business models are often conceptually referred to as “additional business” or as a “Black market”.

Black market – no credit but …

Black market - no credit but ...

Earning money on credit brokerage for bad credit does not fail because of demand. Regular credit institutions have been tightening their lending requirements for years. Correspondingly many people are looking for a loan, but do not receive any offers on the regular credit market. Of course, looking elsewhere is not wrong, after all, that’s how the market economy works.

But credit without prepayment does not offer full protection against unfair methods. Brokers earn a lot of money by offering other commission transactions to customers instead of credit. In principle, it is not forbidden to suggest that someone take out insurance. Even if no credit is possible, a contract could still be concluded for the pension scheme or a credit card could be sold.

The only problem is that bycatch can make so much money that it is worthwhile to recruit unlimited people. More precisely people who will definitely not get a loan. Any additional payment obligation only reduces the real chances of getting credit. The basis of the “Black market” is the hope for credit. That is morally reprehensible, but unfortunately it is quite legal.

Never make prepayment. Do not conclude any additional contracts, apart from a credit brokerage contract according to $655 BGB. Make sure that $655d “Additional charges” is explicitly excluded.

Otherwise add the passage by hand on all documents before signing. Intermediaries who are serious about trying free credit will have no objection. Only those who want to earn from preliminary costs do not allow the contract to be changed.

Credit without prepayment – serious credit brokerage

Credit without prepayment - serious credit brokerage

Most classic, long-established credit brokers and modern brokerage portals adhere to applicable law. The loan without prepayment is a matter of course, just as the legal conditions would suggest. For modern credit brokerage, as good lender and credit lender offer as a recommendation, the complete scandal-free business models.

Subjectively, good lender offers the optimal offer. The portal combines credit offers for every creditable level of personal creditworthiness. The portal’s free loan comparison includes low-interest loan offers from the entire range of offers. Up to the loan despite private credit checker would be found in this way. The highlight is that good lender does not charge borrowers a commission for the successful loan brokerage of bank loans via the loan comparison.

For really difficult cases or for the loan comparison of the entire market, good lender offers serious access to private loans. Again, the loan without prepayment is a matter of course. Borrowers and lenders are offered the legitimate space to conclude secure loan transactions with one another.

Approved loans are managed by a bank connected to the portal. She takes over the loan payment in one sum and receives the installment payments.



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