Loan without entry in the land register

Landowners need a loan to modernize or renovate their home. The loan without a land register entry is also known as a modernization loan. Building loans are often only given from a sum of 50,000 USD and this is then entered in the land register.

Advantages of a loan without a land register entry

Advantages of a loan without a land register entry

A loan without an entry in the land register is granted in the amount of 10,000 to 50,000 USD. The bank does not require security by means of an entry in the land register. Often only the salary statements, bank statements and proof of ownership of the property are required. Another advantage of a loan without a land register entry is that the applicant can choose a mortgage lender and is not tied to a bank.

No other collateral is required, for example a guarantor, as is required for other loans. The loan can usually be canceled after six months, so the borrower could switch banks if someone offers better terms. That would make a loan cheaper and the borrower automatically saves money.

What should be considered

What should be considered

A lot of money can be saved on the loan if a loan comparison is made. Since the applicant can choose a bank, he should know in advance how much money is needed. With a determined sum, he can then make a comparison and see at a glance where the cheapest interest and conditions are. In addition, he should make sure that he can terminate the loan agreement quickly.

This makes it easier to change the bank if this is desired. When applying, a purpose is always required. The loan is then earmarked, but modernizing the property can save money again. Less energy costs are used, so the wallet is spared.

Subjectively, Credit lenders offers the optimal offer. The portal combines credit offers for every creditable level of personal creditworthiness. The portal’s free loan comparison includes low-interest loan offers from the entire range of offers. Up to the loan despite private credit checker would be found in this way. The highlight is that Credit lenders does not charge borrowers a commission for the successful loan brokerage of bank loans via the loan comparison.

Serious credit without prepayment can only be approved if the lender is certain that the repayment will be made in accordance with the contract. In the event of over-indebtedness, seizure of income and lack of income subject to social security contributions, it is not possible to guarantee serious contractual compliance. Only in advertising do some loan promises sound completely different. We promise easy, straightforward credit, even in the most difficult cases.

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