Making payments on bills and debits on the credit card can really help those who are tight in one month or another. This feature is a little better known than before, after all the credit card is always remembered for allowing large purchases in installments. Now, who has a credit card, can also pay off debts. Let’s understand how this works best?

How do account and debit card payments work?


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Paying bills using your credit card is something more common, but you have to understand how to use this feature and in a conscious way, after all we are talking about business, money and bills that should be paid today or tomorrow, on the card’s invoice . So let’s go to the main questions and then how to make online or face-to-face credit card payments to one of the agencies.

When you buy online using a card, the payment is instantaneous – you enter the card number, expiration date and card security code, and the transaction (with luck and limit) is completed. But behind the scenes, there is also the possibility of paying consumer bills, tickets and other types of debits that may also be involved for completion of payment transaction. Let’s know how in that article.

What accounts can I pay on my credit card?


Accounts such as water, electricity, telephone and tv and internet service can be pay with the credit card. Some cards, even if they are from some specific banks, do not make this service available or restrict the particular type of account.

In Banco do Itaú, for example, the customer can make payments of bills and debits on the card only if the tickets are from concessionaires, as we mentioned at the beginning of this item. Accounts are usually only accepted for card payment if they are in the day, before or on the due date.

Are there any fees to make credit card account payments?


Are there any fees to make credit card account payments?

There is no set fee and it serves as the basis for banks to use when receiving some type of payment via the consumer credit line.

The rates vary widely and the customer is advised to consult details of these rates directly with the service of his credit card. Just to have an age of difference, the Bank of Brazil charges for ticket about R $ 1.50. Santander, also for boleto, gets to charge R4 16 reais. The difference is immense and at the end of the month it can make a difference.

So, ideally, you should plan before you go out by paying bills and debits on your credit card, and be sure to check the flag or bank of your card! Remember that this type of service is also subject to IOF and this may slightly increase the amount of your previous debt, considering that fees and taxes are applied for tickets.

How to make payments on bills and debits on the credit card?

How to make payments on bills and debits on the credit card?

To make payment of bills and debits in the credit card you can choose two paths: the online or online. In the case of the classroom, you need to pick up the card and the bills you want to pay and go to the bank of your card, if any, and go to the cashier’s mouth. There, you will be notified that you will pay the bill with your credit card. You must be the holder and present the document that proves your identity.

Now, if you know how to tinker with the online payment system through internet banking, everything becomes easier. Typically, you go to your bank’s website, enter your username and password, usually created in your agency, and click on the payments menu.

When entering this area, you enter the account’s barcode, or use another account reading feature, and choose the option to pay with your credit card. Each bank has its instructions according to the internet banking system for clients. Consult your manager!

The advantage of using your credit card to pay bills


The advantage of using your credit card to pay bills


It can not be said that the advantages are numerous, but everything has two sides. In the case of that currency, if you use credit to pay bills and debits, you will accumulate points on the card and you can use that later with some reward.

It is common for banks to turn the total values ​​in point and reward with premiums or even miles. Have you thought about taking advantage of that long dream trip without having to pay the fare? Check out how your credit card benefits you and enjoy that advantage!

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